Going on an adventure!!

Tomorrow I head across the country, by plane, to my parents house!! This is also where I grew up so as I’m thinking about my trip I am reminiscing about all the amazing memories that were made there! I have not been back home for Christmas since 2011! That is far too long!

My husband is not able to come because he has finals, for his masters, that are due on the 24th! Ridiculous! I am sad he isn’t coming. I am also a little bit anxious because he is my rock and support during our travels. Plus I will miss him at Christmas. I will be back day after so we can celebrate it then :)

I will keep you posted on my progress tomorrow, and update you on my anxiety. I am hopeful I can keep it under check!

Stress !

Ahh! Christmas is way more stressful as an adult! When I was a kid I never worried about how much money various presents cost, travel arrangements, balancing a busy job or organizing the house! Goodness! Being an adult is tiring!

I am getting ready to go back and visit my family so I have been trying to gather everything up and make sure I don’t leave anything! Ohio is a long way away from Arizona! I am really looking forward to it though! I haven’t been in Ohio for Christmas since 2011. I can hardly wait

I hope you guys aren’t as stressed as I am! 😄 I must admit I am happy to be stressed because all the things I am balancing are true blessings in my life!


Arizona Rain

I love rain! Especially in Arizona! It seems like an entire new world when the rain falls into the dusty ground new life springs to life!

Right now, it is pouring outside and I’m curled up by the fire, snuggling with the dogs and watching You’ve Got Mail! Incredible way to spend a Friday night!

Count Your Blessings

Over the past few days I have really been focusing on the numerous blessings in my life. I truly, truly love my job as a teacher, my family is supportive of my anxiety struggles, my dogs are very cuddly and sweet, my friends are fabulous and honest, and my husband is my rock! He was also been promoted to Assistant Principal a few weeks ago, and I am gushing with pride! He is only 30 years old and it is incredible that he was able to earn that position at such a young age! I certainly know how to pick ‘em!

This season just reminds me to focus on giving to others and there are so many whom I am thankful for and blessed by. Years ago, I never dreamt I would be this happy and content with my life. Just even 5 months ago! It is incredible how changing my mindset could spark off life changing actions and produce a fruitful life.

Remember to take time and identify your blessings. No matter how small. There is always hope.