Cold Remedies

Well! I went so long without getting sick and yesterday it caught up with me. I haven’t had a serious cold in a long time and I have to say, I would have been fine not getting it! I slept most of the afternoon and am now sipping on green tea and honey. My dogs are very snuggly so they are making me feel a lot better!

UGH! Hope you guys are all feeling well and having a great day.


It has all worked out!

i am beyond excited right now because I found out that next year I will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in my OWN classroom for 7th and 8th grade! I am still teaching  inclusion special education but I won’t be co-teaching anymore and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I fully support Co- teaching and I think it has the potential to be incredible, however, at my school it has not been working. I am so so so so excited that I get my own class and finally have full creative control over what goes on. 

I have been very anxious about my job for next year but it has all turned out well! I need to learn to be have patience and wait for the right time. I kept trying to force things to happen and that only created more anxiety. I just need to let it all go and let God take control. YAY!  

You are not defined by…

you are not defined by your past. No matter what has happened to you, it doesn’t mean that is who you are. You are so much more than the events that compile your past. There is no need for you to carry shame. It is a heavy burden. If you are constantly defining yourself by your shame, try to let it go today. You are talented, wonderful and strong. It is a new day and yesterday is gone. 

Define yourself by the good that you spread in this world! 


My year anniversary of beginning my anxiety healing journey is coming up, and I have been reflecting on it a lot lately. When I compare my life to a year ago, health wise, it is hardly the same. My life centered around how to get around how to get away from situations that triggered my panic attacks. It has been almost a year since I have had one, and I never thought it would be possible! I love how far I have come!

It’s time to slow down

Today is the first day in over month that I have been able just stay home and relax. It feels so incredible to be able to curl up on the couch, binge watch on Netflix, and cuddle with my husband & dogs! I think it is really important that we take time out to just relax. Put aside our stress, put aside our worries, our anxieties, and just relax.

Take time to enjoy your day and those you love today!