Anxiety? What anxiety?!

My victory today, came in the form of surviving, without anxiety, riding in the back seat of a two door car! Let me fill you in on the details:

On my ride home from Las Vegas, my husband, brother and I were all traveling in a two door car, and being the smallest, I had to sit in the back. Sounds ok, right? Not so much… One of my anxiety triggers is riding in the back of a two door car. This scenario has become a trigger because, in my anxious mind, if we were in a crash, I would be trapped. Without having easy access to a door, I feel very anxious. 

 HOWEVER! Once we were situated in the car and ready to go, I felt ZERO anxiety! I feel like I made it over a huge hurdle today! 

Victory can be accomplished even if it is only in small moments. 


Seize the Day: Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Each day is a beautiful gift. This is a statement that I did not always understand. In my dark days of anxiety and depression I did not feel that my life was a gift. To me, it felt like more of a burden. However, as I began to see beyond my pain, I was able to recognize the beauty that accompanies each day. If finding the good in each day seems impossible, just start with the small things, such as snuggling into your favorite blanket, watching your favorite movie, or enjoying your favorite food. As you begin flooding your mind with positive thoughts, little by little, you will begin to notice your attitude starting to shift.

Remember, stay strong and the pain will not last forever!

Why should I be grateful?

This past Friday, I wrestled with some high levels of anxiety. On a scale from 1-10, I was sitting between a 7 and 9 the entire afternoon. It was a truly uncomfortable day, and one I would not care to repeat. However, in spite of the difficulties I experienced, I was able to carry on and push through the anxiety. I had my friends and my students to take my mind off it and help me refocus. 

Having the immense amount of anxiety on Friday triggered some memories of thoughts and discussions I had shared with my WordPress family. I have posted in the past about how I am thankful and even grateful for my anxiety disorder. I felt compelled to revisit these statements after experiencing severe anxiety. Are those words just something I said during a time of anxiety remission? Or did I honestly mean them? Anyone looking in on my struggle would understand completely if I became bitter or upset about it. Why not just choose that path? 

After much contemplation I came to the conclusion that I  truly do feel grateful for my disorder. Even during those times when it is difficult to focus on anything other than the fear building and pushing down on my chest. I am thankful to be able to relate to those around me who are having the same struggle. I have helped so many of my students learn to accept their own anxiety, and that in itself is more than enough to bring the thankfulness in my heart to full bloom.

For all of you struggling with acceptance, just know that your pain will lead to someone’s healing. It won’t always hurt. It won’t always feel hopeless. Don’t give up. Push onward. 

Love you, all! 

Back from the Vet! 

Tripod, minus 8 teeth,  is back from the vet! I was so nervous all day and I am happy to report that it was for nothing! The surgery went well and she is happily resting.  

On the way home from the vet, she felt well enough to do a mini photo shoot with me in the car! 

Thank you for all your kinds thoughts and prayer! You are all wonderful!



At the Vet

After several weeks of bleeding gums, anti-biotics, and black teeth, my husband and I have finally taken our dog, Tripod, in to get her teeth extracted. We took her in this morning at 8:30, and ever since then I have been a nervous wreck! I love that three legged dog, and I just want her to be healthy and happy. I am hoping this surgery goes well and she will be feeling better soon.

IMG_3156.JPG-1 IMG_3157.JPG

Family Visits!

The school that I work at has recently switched to a modified year round schedule, so we are now on our 2 week Fall Break. I must say, I am really going to enjoy this schedule! Tomorrow, my aunt and uncle are coming to visit, from St. Louis! I haven’t seen them in a long time, so I am really looking forward to seeing them. Plus, this will be their first visit to my home in Arizona!

It will be so wonderful to be able to show them the life that I have built here, and how much I have changed over the couple years. I am pumped!