Yoga with dogs can be difficult

Good morning!

This morning I woke up groggy and annoyed that the radio alarm was blaring in my ear. The last thing I wanted to do was get up and do yoga. I so wanted to continue hitting snooze until the last possible minute I could, however, I pushed onward to continue my yoga practice. I am so glad I did! I missed yesterday so my body was unbelievably tight. As I stretched and warmed up my body for the day, I felt my joints realign and it felt so good!

As I was attempting to get in the zone, my dogs were all crowding around me, pushing and whining for my attention. Whenever I did forward fold or down dog, they would run over and cuddle. Even though it’s a bit difficult to hold the poses with three dogs pining for my attention, I couldn’t imagine a better way to start my day!

Happy Wednesday!


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