Arizona is Beautiful!

I want to brag about my state! I must honestly say that out of all the places I have been inside the United States, Arizona is one of the most unique and beautiful places I have ever seen. There are so many different micro-climates it is pretty unbelievable. The town I live in, I can go 10 minutes up into the mountain and experience a completely different climate. It will be snowing up in the mountains, maybe a few feet, and down were we live, there is no snow. It’s crazy, and I love it. Anytime you travel somewhere within the state it is always a new adventure. I think you should all plan a visit. If you have never been out West, it will be like nothing you have been before! 🙂 Here are a few of our pictures from our adventures around the state. 

Enjoy the virtual field trip to AZ! 

IMG_2808 IMG_0485  IMG_0132 IMG_1040 IMG_1103 IMG_1568 IMG_0195 IMG_0228 IMG_0249 IMGP7204 IMGP7210 IMG_3385 IMG_3480 IMG_5035 IMG_5203


7 thoughts on “Arizona is Beautiful!

  1. What a beautiful state — thanks for this virtual trip! I drove through Arizona on a road trip years ago; I remember the desert as being reddish, and great chunks of stone trees laying scattered on the ground in the petrified forest. It must be a wonderful place to explore….

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