Glorious Days Spent in the Sun

Today I spent the afternoon soaking up some of the last remaining days of the summer sun. Soon the days are going to be shorter and the nights colder. As I floated in my pool I lost myself in the beauty of the nature that surrounded me. The sky was a perfect blue. The birds sang a happy song and the trees danced in the gentle breeze. I felt, in those moments, that the world was so much bigger than me. And to think that God loves me most, out of all the beauty He created around me, was astonishing. I felt zero anxiety during these moments of revelation and it was perfect. I love to have anxiety free moments where I am able to get out of my own mind and experience the life that is bustling forward around me. Of course, I had Tripod near by to help me have my epiphany.IMG_0080.JPG



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