It Is Crazy How NOT Alone I Am (In a good way)

This evening, I had a wonderful discussion with a co-worker, who I have always admired, about her struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. We talked about how last year we both had a difficult time last year and we were equally feeling alone. She even told me that she had talked several times with her husband about how she felt alone because she thought no one else in the building experiences anxiety. When I confessed to her, a few days ago, I struggle with a similar issue, she told me that she had no idea. We spent a long time discussing our experiences, and I was shocked to realize how many grievances we had in common. If only I had been brave enough to open up sooner, maybe I would have had more support during my hardest times last year. Now knowing I am not alone is the most freeing feeling!  Since I have become more vocal about my anxious struggles, I  have been truly blown away by how many people have confessed to me their struggles with mental disorders. 

I cannot believe that for so many years I thought I was the only person in the world with anxiety. The only person who cried in the bathroom stall out of frustration, woke up in the mornings with unease, and struggled with insecurities. 

It is amazing to no longer be alone 🙂

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