I can’t believe it!

Wow. That is all I can say. I cannot believe how much I have learned about my own teaching abilities over the past two days. To make it short, I was put into a very difficult situation, because my principal and vice principal believed I could complete the task, I on the other hand, was skeptical. However, I exceeded their expectations! I never thought I would make it through these two days, but here I am! Happy and smiling! I had a wonderful day, and I was nervous about it this morning and upset last night. Clearly I had no reason to be nervous. My day went beautifully! 

To prepare for my task, I started the day off in prayer. I prayed for the situation, but I also prayed to be given the strength to carry on if things did not go how I imagined them. This set the tone of my day. It went smoothly, and I never lost my cool! 🙂 It was fantastic! To top it all off, I had zero anxiety!! ZERO!! I am flabbergasted! I thought for sure my anxiety would kick in during a high stress situation, but it didn’t! WHOOHOO! 

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