I’ve been Nominated!

In just a few scrolls down, you’re going to get to know me a little bit better! However, before I start I just want to thank Its Bere G for nominating me for this award! I am very excited to answer these questions! 

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to them.
2. Answer the questions they sent you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer your own set of questions.
4. Notify these 11 bloggers you nominated them.


1)Why did you start blogging?

I began blogging because I have a passion for writing, and I also had some life experiences I wanted to share. I had a strong desire to share my experiences to anxiety in hopes that people would be able to relate to my situations and understand that they are not alone. Through searching tags, I found that many others share my same struggles and it feels amazing to know that I am not alone either! 🙂


2)Where do you see yourself to be in 5 years?

When I think about where I will be in five years I first think of my family. I know that I will be loving my husband even more than I do now, and I still will cuddle my dogs every night before bed. I want to be continuing my career in education and helping students achieve their highest academic potential. I love working with middle schoolers and I hope that I still have the same passion 🙂


3)What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is finding the awe in the every day moments. Experiencing joy in times that you least expect it, and laughing until my sides hurt! These are the moments of beauty that I live life for! 


4)If you can make three wishes what would it be

Hmmmm! This one is always hard! I would wish to be able to take a tour around Europe, Australia and New Zealand! Also, I would wish I could star in a movie, and write a best selling novel!! 


5)Do you have a makeup routine? If so what is it?
I do have a makeup routine! It is simple, but here it is:
1. Put on blush and blend on some bronzer
2. Apply eye makeup foundation
3. Brush on eye shadow and blend
4. Apply eye liner
5. Brush on mascara
6. Smear on some lip gloss!



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