I hate poetry

Ok, strong title, but I wanted to hook you in. For the past 29 years, I have hated poetry. Most of these hostile feelings were based on the fact that I thought poems to be overly complicated and corny. Whenever we had to read a poem in class I would groan inwardly, and I absolutely dreaded when I had to teach the concept for two weeks to my students. I as far as saying that if I my loving husband wrote me a poem I would be annoyed.

However, since I have been blogging, and writing a few little poems of my own, I am actually starting to enjoy poetry! It is rather exciting to have an entire world of literature open up before me. It is like a mysterious, unknown road that I have just started down and I am riddled with anticipation and excitement.

I will no longer put poor Poetry on trial, or curse it without justification. 🙂

9 thoughts on “I hate poetry

  1. I have to say, I am in the boat with you, in the boat we two…
    You get it, lol!
    I used to cringe at it, but in the class I am in we have a weekly poem requirement. Being “forced” to write one per week, and having a theme/topic for each one has opened me up too!
    I came in with the thought process that if you want to say something, say it. Poetry doesn’t always just come right out. But I am learning the beauty of leaving things unsaid or taking a new perspective on what I have already said!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Savannah Smiles

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  2. Hey, I used to feel the same – and then I went to a poetry slam. And then I realised how amazing poetry is. Plus, you know – it depends who you read. I’m not a fan of the flowery or obscure in any genre, and poetry is no different. At the moment I am particularly loving Mary Oliver.

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  3. You are open to difference. That’s good. I don’t hate Poetry, I haven’t found where Poetry fits yet, much like classical music or opera. Or Bruce Springsteen.
    If I can find the fit for Dave Matthews I have hope for eventual connection to poetry.
    Good luck in your journey.

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