Why little dog…why…?

Why little dog?

Why must you bring dead things into the house?

Why little dog?

Why must you eat that stiff, tiny mouse?

Why little dog?

Why must you eat your poo like a treat?

Why little dog?

Why does eating food prove to be such a difficult feat?

Why little dog?

Why must you find the clean carpet to let out your spew?

Why little dog?

Why I can’t I stay mad at you?

Why little dog?

Because I LOVE YOU!



6 thoughts on “Why little dog…why…?

  1. Perfect article!

    My husband and I have tiny chihuahuas and they like to do the same. 🙂

    Here’s the kicker. We got lucky with only ONE poo eater. The other prefers to growl like a meanie (even not in anger!) at everything (even through licks and kisses!) We have a boy and a girl. Can you guess which one is the poo eater and which one is the “my-poop-doesn’t-stink growler? The boy is a priss and the girl is so lady like she eats poo.

    Just thought I’d share. Not many things I like talking about more. Dogs are wonderful.

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