Facing Opposition Head-on!

Facing an opposition head on can be a terrifying and intimidating idea for those who of us who struggle with anxiety. The mere thought of going against the fear that consumes our minds triggers tight chests and shortened breath! Speaking from experience, someone with anxiety would most likely prefer to go out of their way to avoid their fears instead of facing them.

In real life avoidance may not be possible. Opposition may be something we cannot hide from, so we have to decide to take back control. Our fears will no longer control us! We push onward in spite of the anxiety we feel.

Fear will not keep us from living our lives, it will only force us to be stronger!

8 thoughts on “Facing Opposition Head-on!

  1. This is 100% true! I made a post not too long ago about facing one of my fears. As stupid as it sounds (all phobias are stupid, when you get down to it), I went somewhere that was triggering my phobia/anxiety just thinking about being there… but I faced it and I felt so much stronger after overcoming it!

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  2. one thing I have learned is that anxiety is normal. everyone experiences it. It becomes a problem when we worry too much and fear the anxiety itself – we become anxious about being anxious. And what do we do when anxious? We fight it, and the more we fight the more the anxiety comes and the stronger it gets. The funny thing is that we can never beat anxiety by resisting it. It is one of our most basic hard wired emotions that is designed to protect us, and no amount of resistance will make it go away. It is when we relinquish control and stop fighting that we gain control and the anxiety reduces. Easier said than done, but facing anxiety, looking right into its eyes and saying welcome goes a long way to helping you get through it.

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