Hardships make us stronger

I have really struggled with coming to terms with my past encounters with anxiety, and I have discussed the details at lengths in my previous posts. However, the idea of growing stronger due to hardships has been brought to my attention once again. It is a lesson we can always learn.

Remember, when you are in a dark place, you are growing. You are being groomed for something. You experiences in the dark are going to lead you to an amazing future. Joel Osteen explained it beautifully. He said that a seed cannot grow unless it is planted into the darkness of the soil. In our times of suffering, we are the seed growing into a beautiful flower.

Remember, you are a flower! Stay strong!

4 thoughts on “Hardships make us stronger

  1. I think it fair to say that hardships also make us more capable of empathy. Understanding another persons situation is so much easier if same has been experienced. I used to love listening to Leo Buscaglia (1970’s/80’s) and I am pretty sure it was he who said “You cannot teach what you haven’t learned.” So simple but so profound! Embrace hardships, learn from them, and be a more “human” being as a result. 🙂

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