It just blows my mind!

Ever since I have become open to discussing my struggles with anxiety, people around me have been opening up as well. Several co-workers have told me they suffer from anxiety as well and has said they wish they had known before to help ease their feeling of isolation. We all somehow find each other throughout the day and check in to see how we are each holding up. It’s a pretty awesome thing to be apart of. I never imagined people would accept me as I am, anxiety and all. It truly blows my mind in the best possible way.

If you are feeling isolated and alone, take a risk and open up to someone you trust. It feels incredible to no longer be alone.

9 thoughts on “It just blows my mind!

  1. So very true! When I was working through my trauma about my father molesting me, I began to talk about it with people. So many women opened up to me about the sexual abuse they had suffered as children. It was freeing, and transformative for us all.

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  2. While I don’t have anyone (that I know of) at work going through the same things as I am – they are very supportive of me. I’ve been open and honest about my disorder and they do as much as they can to help me through the difficult times. It’s been really fantastic to have the acceptance in my working environment.

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  3. For me it was more difficult for people because they kept trying to separate the disorder from me. They either acted it and didn’t blame me, but still didn’t understand or they just got mad and stopped talking to me. Good luck with you anxiety. It’s a tough battle to fight but one well worth it!

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