Stay Positive

I always like to be reminded to think about what I’m thinking about. It is impossible to have a good day if all our thoughts are clouded with negativity.

Today, remember to pay attention to what thoughts you are dwelling on. Are they helping your on your path to a positive life, or are they putting up road blocks to keep you negative?

Have an AMAZING Saturday!

15 thoughts on “Stay Positive

  1. We all have issues to deal with at various times but we do need to keep them into perspective. I love the following quote:

    “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

    Stay positive. There’s always a brighter side but sometimes we have to look really hard to see it. Keep smiling ………… and let the rest of the world wonder what you are smiling about! 🙂

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  2. I’ve come to accept periodic negative thoughts as part of life, or at least as part of my life. When I’ve tried to be positive all the time, then I felt bad for not being able to carry it off, and that made me more depressed. Now my attitude toward negative thoughts is “you’re almost always based on things that are either done or haven’t happened (and generally never will)”–that is, I focus on what’s actually happening at this moment–and “you can stop for a visit, but you I don’t have room for you to stay.”

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    • I’m discovering the truth of that approach through learning mindfulness. Being that I have OCD I have been taught that its not the thoughts which are the problem just how you choose to respond to them. Bad thoughts don’t need to lead to negative outcomes so I plan positive goals and try to get on with them day by day no matter what my mind has in store for me.

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      • I think that’s a great way to think of it. It’s interesting that practicing mindfulness has helped teach me what *not* to pay attention to, and that how I respond matters more than what I encounter (especially what I encounter inside my own head).

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      • It is so interesting just how much we can learn from our dogs in that they are, by nature, very positive and opportunistic (no treat today = probably get one tomorrow!). In the context of your comments, how you respond is so important, and we can also learn that from our dogs – at least in training them. Training using a reward can be very efficient but you must set up the dog for success. i.e. the dog needs to get the reward and therefore must be capable of completing the training task. If he fails, he should not get the reward which is then going to lose his interest. Even basic coaching of people in various disciplines uses goals as a motivator which dictates that they are achievable. An unachievable goal is a de-motivator. All this being said – you’re clearly on the right track. All the best.

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