Thankful for Anxiety

It may sound strange, but I am thankful for my anxiety. My anxiety has been plaguing me for years and not even 6 months ago I would have wanted nothing more than to be rid of it forever. However, examining myself now, after learning to come to terms with my disorder, I am feeling grateful. I still wish I did not have an anxiety disorder, but without it I do not think I would be where I am today.

My anxiety has taught me how to pay attention to my body. To listen to each ache, each thought in my mind and every tightening of my chest. I feel in-tune with myself for the first time and am learning to accept myself one hundred percent.

Anxiety has also helped me create new friendships that I never would have imagined I would make. Since I have become vocal about my disorder, several people have told me they deal with the same struggles. We have now created our own support system and lean on one another in our times of need. It is beautiful.

Finally, I am most thankful for my anxiety because it led me to WordPress! I wanted to find a way to express myself and share my struggles with others, and I found WordPress! It feels wonderful to be able to unload my anxious thoughts onto the screen and receive all of your positive feedback! You all have helped me heal and have taught me not to be ashamed of my illness!

Thank you for all of your support as I continually strive to conquer my anxiety! Happy Thanksgiving!

27 thoughts on “Thankful for Anxiety

  1. Evening.
    Honesty, along with the desire to discover the power hidden within as the spirit of the Lord directs (this my saving grace, not of my own inventions). As is written to “rightly divided the word of truth” and this without shame–is more than healing, more than enlightenment.
    Your courage to fight, rather than succumb to the invitation of something irreversible is help to me at this very moment, as I struggle with a burden far bigger than me. Thank you.


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  2. It’s hard to see something ugly like anxiety as a reason to be thankful but you have proven it’s possible. Thank you for the insight. It is a challenge for all who struggle but it’s important to remember we must love and accept ourselves the way we are!

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  3. I’m suffering a lot with my anxiety recently and it also led me to WordPress! I write a different blog anonnomysly because I find myself being really open and reflective! I absolutely agree with the feeling of being in tune with your body. I’ve never been so aware of how I function until I’m not functioning well!! I hadn’t thought much about this until reading your post so thank you for sharing šŸ™‚ x

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  4. Yes in order to make the anxiety go away you must learn to recognize how it makes your body feel. It is telling you “Breathe slowly, and LISTEN to it while you do it with a blank mind!” (Or something like that) LOL The merry -go-round that is your mind needs a rest!

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