Oh, baby fever

Well, today I went to my dear friend’s first birthday party for her son and now I have serious baby fever! There were so many little kids and they were all so adorable! I can’t believe there was a time when I never wanted children. It must be my internal clock ticking down the months until I turn thirty! Ahh!

12 thoughts on “Oh, baby fever

  1. We have a hilariously adorable three year old living in the downstairs half of our house and she is so cute that i cant help but want my own little one since they moved in! Even though she woke us up screaming two days in a row now, lol. So I totally understand and I’m only twenty-five! Gotta be pharma-free first, so ive got a bumpy road ahead of me to get to motherhood, besides the health issues themselves.

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  2. Oh baby fever. lol been there! I would say baby fever hot me pretty hard at about 28. I could have been living in a cardboard box and still insisted I need to have a baby lol.

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