Going on an adventure!!

Tomorrow I head across the country, by plane, to my parents house!! This is also where I grew up so as I’m thinking about my trip I am reminiscing about all the amazing memories that were made there! I have not been back home for Christmas since 2011! That is far too long!

My husband is not able to come because he has finals, for his masters, that are due on the 24th! Ridiculous! I am sad he isn’t coming. I am also a little bit anxious because he is my rock and support during our travels. Plus I will miss him at Christmas. I will be back day after so we can celebrate it then 🙂

I will keep you posted on my progress tomorrow, and update you on my anxiety. I am hopeful I can keep it under check!

7 thoughts on “Going on an adventure!!

  1. Just remember that traveling (especially flying) causes anxiety in most of us. Because we do not show it does not mean we are not feeling it. You may be closer to “normal” (whatever that is) than you think! Have a great trip.

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