24 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Food?

  1. In Nicaragua we make an amazing meat-based stuffing that takes HOURS to cook (but takes minutes to polish off your plate!). It’s really rich and buttery, and after Christmas we spend MANY days eating stuffing sandwiches for breakfast.

    Yum yum yum.

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  2. We had an odd tradition in our house on Christmas Day Eve, we had Fondue. All my friends and my parent’s friends would stop by and we’d all have Fondue and chat. The memories we made were better than the food, but they go hand in hand!

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  3. I’m all about the Gingerbread! This year I’m going to try to make Gingerbread Beingets. In the past I’ve done American-style Gingerbread cookies, Parisisn-style Gingerbread cookies, Gingerbread ice cream, traditional ginger loaf bread…
    I kind of go crazy for Gingerbread flavor the way most people go for Pumpkin Spice

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