Feeling Peaceful

Before I understood anxiety as much as I do now, I had a difficult time just sitting and feeling at peace. No matter how relaxed I felt, I seemed to never feel it to my core. I never quite felt like I could full experience happiness because there was constantly a nagging worry whizzing through my mind.

Being where I am now I am able to have days or even weeks of being anxiety free! The last two days I had felt anxious for whatever reason (I don’t always have a reason for it and that is why I have generalized anxiety disorder). However, today I was 100% anxiety free! I am so happy I am able to experience rest! Yay!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Peaceful

    • You will get there! One thing that really helped my body start to relax, was yoga. I just do gentle yoga and it helps my body start to unwind and let go. It is unbelievable that difference it makes. I am not sure where you are in your faith, but I will share what has helped me a lot as well. I made it a point to have a bible study each morning to help focus my mind in the direction I wanted it to go. Those two things together have really helped over the past few months. I also started taking a low dosage of anxiety medication to help even out the chemicals in my brain that are not acting as they should.

      Keep drudging forward and you will be able to reach the peaceful state! You are strong! You can do it

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