Forgiveness sets US free

Today the act of forgiveness was brought to my attention while I was reading my bible study. Over the years, I have always struggled with letting go of grudges completely. I said that I forgave someone, but when it came to the bitter feelings inside, those didn’t always go away. However, as I am reflecting on my study I am realizing that forgiveness does not mean that we necessarily forget what happened or how it made us feel. What I am coming to understand is that forgiveness is allowing ourselves to no longer be angry about what happened in spite of it all. When we harbor anger and resentment, we are not hurting the other party involved. We are only hurting ourselves. How can we live a life of positivity and joy if our hearts and minds are full of revenge or bitterness. Yes, horrible things happen to wonderful people, and that is wrong. But it is not your fault. Unforgiven emotions only continue to hurt us. The best way to get back at someone is finding peace in ourselves and letting go of hurt. Finding a way to live a life full of positivity and love.

It is difficult to forgive. I am still learning how, but this year I am going to work on finding a way to forgive those who have wronged me so that I can be at peace!

Have an amazing day!


10 thoughts on “Forgiveness sets US free

  1. I was queen of the grudge, I treated everyone nicely and with respect always, but I boiled inside and thought about all of the things I would say if they if they would cross me again. I think my anger mostly came from letting people step over my heart without saying a word because of my fear of how it would come out of my mouth, I don’t like to be mean. But the anxiety it gave me to have to see this people over and over, made me physically sick. I would not sleep for days before, I would throw up the day of getting together, I would get cold sweats, for six years I lived like this, then I had my son. I saw his face and something changed. I wanted my son to see that I am strong, that we all deserve respect. So I let it go and forgave the past…but I stand my ground now, even if sometimes it is not as graceful as I would like. It still give me anxiety to get together because I do not like to deal with people that have no consideration for you, but I want to lead by example, teach my boys that you never let people put you down or step over you. (sigh), it’s a lot of work still, but now I don’t have to think about all of the things I would say, because I am saying them and I no longer have to have a grudge. 🙂

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  2. Thank you! It is hard…but you’re right. We get tired of being doormats. There’s a whole bag of anxiety that comes with babies, but at least not defending myself is no longer a part of it. It makes you stronger and you hold your head a little higher.

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  3. I spent too large a portion of my life being angry and bitter. When I finally learned this lesson, life was so much better. I’m a happier, calmer and much more generous person than I ever was. I use thankfulness and gratitude daily, as well as radical acceptance. Love reading posts like this, letting go is definitely the way to live a better life, :-).

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