15 thoughts on “Swoon Worthy Book Characters

  1. Oh boy, there are quite a few book characters I find swoon worthy, hahah.

    Oddly enough, Sherlock Holmes. I think because I’m in love with his brilliant mind.
    Edward Cullen, because who doesn’t love a sparkly handsome vampire, right? ;p
    Carlisle Cullen
    Jasper Cullen
    Also young Bilbo. Not really sure why.
    Pippin ❤
    Legolas (I have a weakness for elves, lol.)
    Christopher Tientjes from Prade's End.

    There are surely a lot more, but I can't think of any more at this hour. (It's 03:02 am)

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  2. Ah there are so many! But in the current series I’m reading, Drizzt Dou’rden. He belongs to a society where murder is not only accepted but encouraged and he goes against it all and tries to find himself and what life should truly be about, not death and murder – greed and hierarchy, but love and compassion, friendship and honor. It’s a great fantasy series but R. A. Salvadore!

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