A challenge for today

I challenge you today to do something positive for someone else. Take a moment to break outside of your normal routine and do something unexpected for someone. It may just be a small thing, but you never know how badly someone may need a positive uplift! Good luck and have a fantastic day. 🙂

18 thoughts on “A challenge for today

  1. I heard that my friends were having trouble affording their new gluten free lifestyle now that she is breastfeeding for a celiac baby, and rushed out to get as much good stuff as I could find, plus bought them a massive bag of household staples like toilet paper and paper towels, fruits, fresh veggies, and a whole bunch of gluten free baking supplies to help her get a chance to play around with different ingredients without cutting into their strict food budget. I also got her a laptop since she is stuck at home all day, and I managed to only pay $50 for a great-running Dell with a super fancy one-of-a-kind artist signed mural on the top. I was tempted to keep it because it actually runs better than my laptop and had more ports, more storage, etc, but I wrapped the top in blue paper, put a custom made desktop background on it that says I love her, installed all the updates it needed, and loaded it up with as many apps as I could find that would work offline until she gets internet in the next month. Then I made her some anti-bacterial laundry detergent because I know that’s expensive, and her skin is breaking out like crazy in this eczema looking rash, so I figured switching to a super gentle, skin-safe homemade one I’ve been using for years might help with that. I’m trying to get off of Lyrica right now (because I couldn’t afford the $750 copay for ONE MONTH!!!!!!) and I need, need, need to keep busy or I will start thinking suicidal thoughts, and that is to be avoided at all costs, even though hell keeps breaking loose and it’s not just because of the withdrawal symptoms. And cause I have baby fever BAD, I went out and bought a set of Dr. Suess books for when her little one starts learning to read.
    I’m honestly not sure how my boyfriend and I are going to eat later this month, or where or how the money to do so will come from, but I know that not giving what I have right now to my friends doesn’t make any sense at all, just because I’m scared of the future. That’s the last moment I should ever start isolating myself or stop expending energy for others. I struggled with parting with things I know we will need later, but I am hoping that others will do for us what we have been doing for as many families as we possibly can. Things will work out, I really believe. Not right away, and not without struggle, but if we do the best we can and keep putting good out, it has to pay off at some point. And it sure lessened my anxiety to be able to make someone’s month easier, even if it wasn’t my own. ❤

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