Rain day = Cuddling with Stephen King!

We are experiencing one of our rare rainy days here in Arizona and I am going to take FULL advantage of it! I have my comfy blanket, my cuddly dogs, a nice fluffy pillow, and Stephen King’s Bag of Bones all laid out on the couch! I am getting ready to dive into the pages and get lost in the supernatural suspense of King’s words! I can’t wait!


9 thoughts on “Rain day = Cuddling with Stephen King!

  1. I like a good scare myself, so I’ve read quite a few Stephen King books. Bag of Bones has the creepy element without being scary! I think it was A&E that did a two part mini-series about a year ago, might be able to dig it up on Netflix, it was good!

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  2. My bed looks similar, without a cute dog. It is thirty-four degrees here. I know that’s probably a joke to a lot of people, but in Southwest Texas it’s not. I wanted to wander outside and write somewhere besides my place. But I stay here. Warm.

    Have fun. I myself have never read Stephen King books, but have heard consistently good things about them. One day, one day.

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  3. Sorry dear but you’ve primed the pump of an only marginally old psychotherapist. I’m curious about what it is that Kings works accomplish in you that brings pleasure forth? No apology is necessary for anything you say and I won’t fabricate any analysis.


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