Live On Only One Dollar?

I watched an incredible documentary today that was made by four college boys who were looking for a way to change the way we saw poverty. It is called Living On One Dollar. They traveled to a small village in Guatemala and, essentially, took up the community’s lifestyle for two months. They believed that reading their textbooks and listening to lectures was not enough to fully understand what it means to live in extreme poverty. The only way they could comprehend the struggles of others in the world was to become one of them. For 56 days they did just that. It was extremely touching to watch them form deep bonds with their neighbors and watch them learn about the true meaning of the human spirit and will to survive. It was one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time.

It really got me thinking about they kind of differences I am making. Yes, I am a teacher, but I do not always feel like I am doing all that I can to touch the lives around me. Like most of us in the United States, I can be very self-focused and worry mostly about how I am going to meet my own wants and needs. After watching this documentary, I realize most of my “needs” are actually “wants”. I do not need another pair of jeans. I do not need a new makeup brush. I do not need that new X-Men movie on blu-ray. Honestly, I have more things in my life that I could ever need. I think it is time for me to start looking for more ways to meet the needs of those around me instead of focusing on my wants.

If you are looking for an inspirational film that gets you thinking, I suggest you watch this one!

18 thoughts on “Live On Only One Dollar?

  1. Wow, definitely going to keep an eye out for this documentary. Indeed, sometimes I forget how blessed and fortunate I am and how others sometimes struggle for their bare necessities. I will try my hardest to make a bigger difference around me 🙂

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  2. I am going to watch this one. Getting out there to really understand the lives of others is such a fantastic thing. Not only does it help with our ability to empathize, but it also helps us to know how BEST to help. 🙂 Cheers.

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful thing to commit to. And I always find it interesting how so many people living on so little can still find it in their heart to be charitable to others. Yet more fortunately people seem to find excuses when it comes to giving of themselves.

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    • Yes! That was really demonstrated in the film. The community had so little, yet they all pooled in together to help each other out. One family saved up their money to buy a floor. That really hit home because i had never even given a thought to having a floor. I just thought it was standard for everyone in the world.

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