4 thoughts on “The Beauty is in the Words

  1. How to be Happy, 101

    She scrubs laundry by hand to make sure her children
    look their best in school hundreds of miles away from
    the island culture she grew up in, yet on another island
    cold, foreign, teaching kids and reminding her husband
    about the importance of work. At least he doesn’t beat
    her anymore. Proof has no compromise, and the proof
    that this love of hers is only possible from afar, or with
    a chaperone has been made, and then broken. Twice a
    month, once she figures it out. This best chance can not
    come and go. Her long-distance supporter, who she knows
    will never stop loving her, and will smile one giant absurd,
    ridiculous smile swelling up form his heart because this
    is not customary in his life of lending help: falling in love
    was never the goal before because friendships started with
    his desire to make a life better, but this one grew, blossomed
    and became a soft, a truly tender love, full of caring, even a
    trip in full daylight, including an IUD insertion (ouch!), and
    nurses, knowing the Korean name, knowing he is not. Love,
    respect, concern, happiness, hope, extending a hug, now the
    negotiation of love, how to make it work. How to love again.

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