Standing up for ME!

I have written before about a time when I stood up for myself and how proud I was of me! Well, I have another experience in this area to share with you. As many other anxiety-ers (I am trying out this nickname) I am a people pleaser. Whenever there is conflict I expect anxiety to tighten her grip around my chest and come along for the ride. However, today I had a mini conflict with a co-worker where I was able to walk away from the situation, professionally, and return to said co-worker after I had regrouped. When I went back to talk to her about the incident, I remained strong yet professionally. actually all worked out well and things were smoothed over and there is no more tension.

From this situation I learned that it is good to stand up for myself, as long as it is done in a mature manner. I did not attack my co-worker, I actually had apologized for the part I had played in the situation. It was wonderful that I could tell her how I was feeling without experiencing any anxiety! Wow!

My personal goal is to continue standing up for myself and no longer being a door mat! It is ok to be strong.

16 thoughts on “Standing up for ME!

  1. That’s awesome. I only realised in the past few months what a difference it makes to my anxiety to free myself to walk away as soon as I am upset — rather than trying to stay and sort it out then and there. You simply went back to sort it out when you were calm. Your post inspires me to keep remembering to take care of myself — early — when I feel emotions arising. I can always come back later and talk it over.

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  2. good job. This is a real issue for me too. It is easy for me to feel intimidated about any kind of confrontation because I think it reminds me of past abuse when someone is mad at me, especially of they scold me or act disappointed in me. I am always afraid of retaliation when i am least expecting it.

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  3. Congratulations on a fine display of strength and courage! I need to find a way to be like you – I currently just withdraw and avoid instead of standing up for myself in a calm but strong manner.

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