A little anxiety didn’t stand in my way!

My day started off with a little anxiety. However, it died off as I fell into the natural rhythm of the day. I was anxious because I was meeting my husband’s best friend from
College and there weren’t any definite plans for the day. I knew he was a big drinker and I worried that he would want to go bar hop before the Super Bowl, since he is going to the game tomorrow. There are LOTS of parties down here in Phoenix right now! I am totally fine with drinking. I don’t have any religious qualms with it, but my concern about going bar crawling was that my anxiety medication doesn’t mix well with alcohol. I didn’t want to stand out or look like a prude, but I also didn’t want to tell people the reason why I didn’t want to drink. I am all for being open about my disorder, but not on the first day I meet someone! So all morning I was anxious about what we would be doing.

As soon as I met my husband’s friend, I knew i would be ok! We ended up going to a sports bar, packed with Seahawks fans, and then going bowling for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and I got along really well with his girlfriend! I realized that I had nothing to worry about because he was very nice, and had we gone out to be a little more wild, I don’t think he would have cared if I drank or not. πŸ™‚

It was really cool to talk to his girlfriend because she works for the NFL and will be sitting right upfront tomorrow during the game! It was great to just sit there and listen to her stories. She travels all around the country and gets to go to games. That would be pretty cool! I feel like I know someone famous now! LOL!

I am glad that I was able to carry on and have a good time in spite of how my day started. It feels good to be able to overcome my anxiety and tell it to back off!


5 thoughts on “A little anxiety didn’t stand in my way!

  1. Wow I really enjoyed reading this. It’s somewhat comforting knowing there are other people in this world that also suffer from Anxiety like myself. Thank you for this πŸ™‚

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