Coming to Terms

I believe that coming to terms with ourselves takes time. It may take an entire lifetime, but it something we must strive for or else we cannot grow in love. It has taken me years to come to terms with my anxiety disorder. Years to love myself, just as I am. If we cannot love ourselves, how can we expect to love others? We cannot.

Each day is a learning experience and I strive to make the most of each precious moment. In the past, I have prayed over, and over, for God to take my anxiety. To lift the burden from my shoulders and let me just be “normal”. For years I was angry with Him because anxiety continued to haunt me. I felt as if my faith was not strong enough. That I wasn’t praying correctly. Or, perhaps, I was doing something wrong. I constantly stayed in prayer in hopes that he would take away the thorn in my side. However, He had something different in mind for me. Something bigger than myself. He showed me that my anxiety is not a burden.

I am now seeing that my anxiety is part of who I am. There is nothing wrong with my faith, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t love God. My prayers have shifted in focus over the years and I now ask to see how I can use anxiety to help others instead of asking for it to be take away. I never imagined that my disorder would be helping those around me. I never thought it could be a positive thing! Now that my perspective has shifted, I can now see it as a blessing. It is part of who I am and I can finally accept that.

Whatever your burden is, see if there is a lighter perspective. Is there a way it can be used to the benefit of others?

8 thoughts on “Coming to Terms

  1. Elle,
    You have done a wonderful job of helping me realize that I am not alone in my struggles with anxiety. Thank you. Also, I agree that we should take our struggles and use them to help others that suffer with the same issues. I know that when I write my blog, that I hope that I am helping others. I hope you know that anxiety does not define you. I believe we can all get through our anxiety as long as we try our hardest.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how God works sometimes. I am glad that you are able to use your experiences with anxiety to help those around you. I too have struggled for many years with anxiety and depression that culminated about 8 years ago with a suicide attempt. I thought that God abandoned me and couldn’t understand what was going on. But since then I, like you, have been able to help a number of people around me, even if it is just someone that will listen and not say anything. Last December I took the step to let everyone around me know about my mental struggles. This has led to three of my work colleagues being able to ask for help. This was the thing that I found hardest, even after it became obvious that needed help 8 years ago. I find it encouraging, even in the dark times I am currently having, that my experiences, and now openness, can help others before it might be to late for them.

    Thanks for being so open with your struggles, it has encouraged me to continue writing about what has happened over the years.

    I will remember you in my prayers,


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  3. Always remember that we have to love ourselves for who we are, not who we wish to become. You are doing an amazing job at loving yourself, and in the process are lifting others. You should be very proud of who youself!

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