Surround yourself with Good

It is difficult to prune relationships. However, it is vital that you surround yourself with people who build you up and push you towards your dreams. It is easy to get stuck with a friend who sucks all your energy and leaves you feeling empty and frustrated. To be our healthiest selves, we must prune away those relationships and allow only positive ones to grow.

This may be difficult, but in the end you will blossom!

6 thoughts on “Surround yourself with Good

  1. Agreed. I had to cut a friend out of my life when I told her to get help for her addiction problems and she flipped out at me and told me how much I didn’t like her or want to be around her.

    I miss her very much. But I don’t miss being used or being called a bad friend or being called a bunch of other names every time she was drinking. I don’t miss not being thanked for my hospitality every weekend.

    Unfortunately, as sad as it was, and as mean as she perceived me to be, it had lead me to making some really great friends in the past year and strengthening the friendships with those around me. It also has brought me to be able to focus more on making myself happy rather than waiting on her all of the time.

    It hurts to let go, but in the end, it turns up so much better.


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