My favorite time of year is here! Valentine’s Day, for me, always means BOOK SALE! Every year since my husband and I have been married we have gone to this annual book sale down in Phoenix, and it is always the highlight of my year! I would much rather smell the scent of old books than that of a dozen roses. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t like flowers. So honey if you are reading this, as a reminder: Daffodils are my favorite!

4 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. I love the big yearly book sale in the nearest city, about 20 miles away. I go on the first day to get the best picks, then go back a week later for the $5.00 a box sale.

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  2. I have a dear friend who introduced me to an annual tradition of hers . . . On Valentine’s day she goes to used book stores, the poetry section, and looks through the books for old love letters and notes . . . she actually has found some. I can’t go into a used book store or library sale without giving it a look. 🙂

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