What is your dream?

We all have dreams and aspirations we strive towards through the course of our lives. What are the teams you are working towards? And if you are not working towards them, what is holding you back?

As I have mentioned before, I have always dreamt of writing a novel or a kids book. I am not currently writing, but I am brainstorming. I think there is a fear of failure that follows me around and keeps me from fulfilling this dream. I need to change this!

13 thoughts on “What is your dream?

  1. Go for it! Just write… I always thought I’d never be good enough to be a published cartoonist, so last year, I just did it and self-published two comics, and they’ve both sold! Not loads, but they sold! I’m working on bigger comics this year, and will release more!

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  2. What would life be without dreams?! It has always been my dream to make a living as an artist, and I am working towards it now by starting to seek my art online on etsy. It is such a good feeling to know that I am finally trying to really go for it. My boyfriend and I have the dream of having a small organic farm as well and this is year three of gardening together and every year it gets better than the last!

    Go for your children’s book! Keep brainstorming, keep going! Finding the self motivation is hard sometimes when it comes to our own dreams I think, but persistence keeps them alive!

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