Pushing onward when it is no fun

There are times when I just want to give up the fight against anxiety. It is an honest struggle and it is rough, but it is the truth. Anxiety is tiring and frustrating. Today was my anxiety was annoying and there were times when I felt that I wanted to give in and wallow in my own self pity. But what good would that do for me? What good does it do for me to stop fighting and give in? It only leads to more anxiety and wasted days filled with sorrow.

I have continued to push through with my day and not allow it to stop me. I know that it will pass and I will get back to feeling like myself again! I won’t give up the fight.

27 thoughts on “Pushing onward when it is no fun

  1. It is wonderful that you remember that it will pass and you will get back to an easier state. However, anxiety is part of who you are as well. It is part of your essence – a part you can learn to love about yourself and see it as an opportunity for growth not a problem you have to fight. This is what I have been learning and it is making it a much more gentle, nonjudgmental approach to living.

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  2. You can do it. I know it’s hard, not from personal experience through the same degree as you, but my husband has OCD and struggles with anxiety and panic a lot. Sometimes it really is so overwhelming that all you can do is push through the fear, knowing eventually you might feel slightly better. That’s how he describes it. πŸ™‚

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  3. It’s awful to feel like you have to remain in control but you just want to give in, you can never let your guard down, the enemy is always there, waiting… It’s tiring! But I’m with you, girl, one day the enemy will just disappear πŸ™‚

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