We don’t have to hate Monday

Mondays are often devastating simply because they are a reminder that we must drudge through another work week. Reports to write, lessons to teach, meals to make, annoying co-workers to pretend to like, and countless other responsibilities. However, we do not have to live our lives hating Monday! What if we changed our perspective and saw it as a chance to show kindness to someone we may not encounter in any other setting. Let’s conquer this Monday and make it our best! Show those around you what it means to positive and be the good that this world needs!


6 thoughts on “We don’t have to hate Monday

  1. It’s interesting how even though I don’t have a regular weekly work schedule, and even if my Friday or Saturday is on Monday, I still hate it. I am an empath and was reading in one article that empaths can even pick up everyone else’s emotions on hating Mondays. I was like, “Holy Crap! No wonder!!!” LOL I need to learn how to block those energies better.

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  2. great thought!
    my situation is different than most people’s because i don’t work, but i like mondays. it feels like a fresh start.

    also, i really need my routine to keep on an even keel and on the weekend that kind of goes out the door. when monday morning rolls around and we get up when the alarm goes off, it seems reassuring.

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