A must read! 

I cannot put this book down! It is Sarah’s Key, and it is the most eye-opening, beautiful, heart wrenching story I have read in a long time. It is about a young Jewish girl in occupied France during WWII, who locks her brother in their secret cupboard when the Frech Police come to round them up. What we learn throughout the story is the fate of the men, women and children who experience the Frech round ups. Around 13,000 Jewish people were taken during this time and sent off to labor camps and eventually death camps. I had never heard of these round ups before I read the book so I have learned so much about history and the depths of the human heart. 

If you are at all interested in this time period, you should check out this book! 

10 thoughts on “A must read! 

  1. I recently read this book and I must say I was also rather surprised to read that the French police were involved. Wonderful book and I like the writing style. I just finished a second book by the same author (A Secret Kept) and found that very good also.

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  2. I also could not put down this book when I read it. I also absolutely cannot imagine the horror and angst that girl felt when she realized what had happened and that she could not go back and rescue her brother.

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