Emotions run high

Have you ever felt complex drained of all emotion, and you are left feeling utterly exhausted? Well, that is where I am right now. The past 24 hours have been very challenging emotionally. I had some drama, which I hate, at work, and it all left me very upset and ridiculously anxious. I must say the only thing that got me through the day was the support and love of my friends. They are incredible and wonderful, and there is not enough praise in their world for me to give them. 

I think it is virtually impossible to fight anxiety alone. I also think it is difficult to go through any struggle on your own. Friends and family are so important to help ease our struggles and help us in our darkest days. Today was difficult but my friends were there for me and I was able to get through it! They loved me just as I am! 

14 thoughts on “Emotions run high

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, sorry to hear about your rough day! As someone who fights against anxiety and depression I know how intense those periods can be. I’m glad you have a family and friends who support you, and how you word it as “love me for who I am”. This is such a crucial part. Realizing that it’s part of you and okay to feel so. Always know you’re not alone!

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here: wemustbebroken.wordpress.com

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  2. My goodness gracious, were you at work with me too yesterday?..lol…I almost giggled when I read your post and thought..’wow, she’s dealing with the same thing as me, and feeling the same thing’.Drama. Upset. Ridiculously anxious. I even wrote in my journal this morning about how ridiculous this was…..YA, my emotions are broken right now. Finding some quiet time to rest my spirit.♥

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  3. at the drs office right now for anxiety and adhd.. I used to drink to cope. Even tho its hard to face :a brain that never stops; it helps to know we are not alone! ! I feel like the world brushes mental health & illness under the rug as to be cured wuth vitamins or fresh air so thanks for your honesty .it’s refreshing


  4. you said complex, did you mean completely? i always want people to tell me about my typos, but no one does. i have been completely drained. Sometimes after writing something emotional i go into emotional shutdown. i have been without emotion for such a long time, but now i’m at a place where i need my emotion and it hurts to shutdown. My blog entries often cause a shutdown.

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  5. Trying to deal with anxiety is not always easy especially if you had a rough day. At least having friends to support you mean there is always light in the end of the dark tunnel.
    Please take a look to my blog debyoncelife.wordpress.com

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