Apply Your Passion to Life

For the next few days I am going to be in a technology training that discusses ways to use technology in the classroom. I am very excited to learn about the new ways I can use technology in my life. I feel grateful that I have been able to find passion in my career and I love my job! Being a teacher can be utterly exhausting, but it is so incredibly rewarding. It is just so much to be spending time with kids and helping them learn things they have never been exposed to before.

I think it is important to find an outlet to express your passion, especially when you have anxiety or depression. When we are fighting a mental disorder it is important to get lost in an activity that we love! When we do something we love, we begin to feel better about ourselves. I know that whenever I am able to use my creativity, I feel accomplished and energized! Our passions drive our motivation!

What is your passion and how do you use it in your daily life?

15 thoughts on “Apply Your Passion to Life

  1. Writing has been a passion of mine all my life; however, in the worst years of my bipolar and other health concerns I lost the desire – also for crafts and anything that was an expression of me. I am so glad that I have all of this back as well as my passion for hospitality. I am putting it to good use with my blog, a book about how I found out who I was from the chaos that was my life and also a cookbook for living with various food challenges.

    I admire you as a teacher. It is a wonderful profession!

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  2. Writing used to be a passion, but I let anxiety and other stuff kill it. A shame. Still . . . you’re a teacher, too! That’s cool. I’m not glad other teachers have anxiety, but since there are some, I am happy to meet them!

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  3. I found out I am okay at decorating cake art. I make friends specialty cakes for a very affordable price. I feel that my God given artistic gift should be used to bless others with amazing cake art that they don’t have to take a second mortgage on their house to afford. It’s been great to use as an outlet for the times mania tries to take over.

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  4. My passion is art, especially comics and cartoons. I left a job that was making me ill last year, and restarted our art and design business, and have already written, drawn and self-published three mini-comics! I HAVE to create every day!


  5. I was a teacher for 25 years and I loved it. In the last few years I had to redefine what gave me passion since I am not able to teach anymore. Now lifting myself up and lifting others to their fullest potential is my passion. I am lucky to be able to do that every day. I also feel daily success is important. I have had to redefine success but I feel it strongly every day.

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  6. Wow, good question, persistent platypus!

    My passion and purpose in life as a guide or facilitator is to help others reach their potential (no matter the age) as my belief is that we are spiritual beings living in a body. So I capitalize on spiritual growth with what I write about, particularly miracles and being in the present moment.

    My husband and I publish books for a livelihood as we are both authors and illustrators. We are out there helping others live a healthier and happier life.

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  7. This is a great post that I almost touched upon myself. I completely agree that one should use their talents in a helpful way. While I don’t really want to write self-help books if I become an author like I want, I do enjoy helping people through my blog and think it’s important that I do so.

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