1500?! Really?!

WOW! How can I be at 1500 followers! I truly appreciate your support and kindess as I have blogged about the journey I have been traveling over the last several months. Anxiety is a difficult disorder but I have been learning that it makes me strong! Facing my battle alone would have been terrifying, but being here on WordPress has given me a voice I never thought I could have! 



20 thoughts on “1500?! Really?!

  1. amen amen amen..and a beautiful voice at that..HOOT HOOT..awesome on the 1500 followers…what a blessing bringing those that have suffered, some far too long, and now struggling and overcoming bit by bit, step by step..β™₯ When we are linked arm in arm, we are SO much stronger …it sure is POWERFUL isn’t this wonderful web that has brought us all together like this…

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