I need your help! Should I? Or Shouldn’t I? 

The question is, should I, or shouldn’t i, start a vlog to go along with my blog? 

What are your thoughts? Would you like to here me talk about issues and answer questions AND read my ramblings? 

Let me know below! 

26 thoughts on “I need your help! Should I? Or Shouldn’t I? 

  1. I have two you tube channels. Had them for years. Your question is pretty cool because I’ve been wondering if I should bring my videos to my blog (I have over 320 videos..lol♥)…I actually am in the process of doing a video today (I find doing a video takes more out of me then writing does). I know for me, God has called me to put myself out there to let others know they are not alone, that there is freedom from this and I’m walking proof of it. ♥ I would love to see and hear your voice. I tell my subscribers all the time, it feels like we are just sitting across the table from one another, sharing heart to heart.♥ shine girl..keep on shining.♥

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  2. I finally figured out what the problem was..You are mentioned on “Pick Up Your Sword” video…When I share my videos on my blog it automatically goes to the last video I made and you have to scroll until you find the right video to the blog post..how flipping irritating. I don’t know if I will be sharing any more videos on my blog.. Will see, but wanted to let you know I gave your blog a shout out♥


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