Don’t forget 

While in the middle of a difficult fight with anxiety, we can forget to continue living our life. We seem to draw into ourselves and focus only on surviving day to day without pain. What is difficult to remember is that the world continues on. Our lives are NOT over, even though it feels like it. I know. I have been there. Do not give up hope for fear. Continue to push onward and never forget that there is happiness waiting for you. Never stop looking for it! You are strong and you can beat it! 

If you would like to get more encouraging words and have support while dealing with your anxiety, Follow me on here and check out my Facebook page. The only way we can get through anxiety is by banning together and fighting! Together we are strong! 🙂 

19 thoughts on “Don’t forget 

  1. I have “forgotten” so many times, it’s unreal. I literally have to force myself to live my life, so I don’t get swallowed up by my anxiety.

    Great reminder, thank you!

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  2. This is so true. We stop our lives out of our fears and anxieties. We basically stop living and I become trapped in the safety of my house, living my life through social media only. Thankfully medication has helped me push past my fears and now I’m able to grow again.

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