Anger is natural, what matters is how you express it.

Today, I had an unexpected, random anxiety meltdown. I feel sorry for my darling husband, because he happened to walk past me as I was flipping out, and he took the brunt of it all.

For whatever reason, I had reached a point where I was frustrated with having fight anxiety. There are times when I wish, as many of you do, that anxiety was not something I had to battle. However, after I got out all of the anger (that snuck up on me) I felt better.

There are times when we will be angry. We will be upset. That is ok. These emotions are a natural part of life. What matters is how we handle these emotions and how we express them. Find a a constructive way to express the emotions and understand that it is ok to feel them. It is part of the journey towards acceptance.

17 thoughts on “Anger is natural, what matters is how you express it.

  1. I’m glad to see that there are still some rational people in this world who know the proper way to control anger. So often people allow their anger to overcome them and do irrational and socially unacceptable behavior.

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  2. I have really learned to love my anger. It is tied up with so many other feelings as well. It touches into my passion and power. observing and not judging it is what really works for me. I have really also learned to let the powerful energy of anger flow through me and out into the universe.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. I, too, have gone through times when I become angry with myself that I suffer with anxiety. In a way, I think getting angry about it is helpful because it motivates us to work harder to get through it. Like you said though, we have to use our anger and sadness about anxiety in a positive way, not a negative way.

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  4. I`m dealing with a LOT of anger and negative stress. I keep reminding myself…healthy coping skills, conflict resolution in a healthy way, love, respect and honor help me not to LOSE it and freak out.I think back to the times where I would have complete melt downs, freak outs and out of control behavior because I was not able to deal the emotions of anger, frustration, hurt, and anxiety in a healthier way♥ bit by bit, step by step I`m walking it now..hallelujah!| it is SO freaking hard though…sometimes it is EASIER to have the panic attack and freak…giggling here…


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    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. I’m dealing with a lot of mixed emotions after my appointment with my counselor this morning, one of them being anger, and I’m trying to find a healthy way to cope with it rather than lash out at someone I care about. Strange how the ones we love somehow always seem to be the ones who catch the brunt of our anger, isn’t it? Elle definitely makes a great point in the title of her post, and I’m so glad I took a moment to read it.

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