Prayers needed!

Tomorrow, my husband interviews for an assistant principal position, and he is in need of prayers! He has been doing the job already since Christmas but must now be interviewed to formally hold the position for next year. There are a few other applicants and interviews can be incredibly stressful. 

 Just send relaxing and calm thoughts and prayers his direction tomorrow afternoon! 

Thank you for all your support! 

21 thoughts on “Prayers needed!

  1. Hi Erin. Your husband and you will be in my prayers. I know I always get anxious before an interview and you both must be keen to have this behind you. Remember, our sovereign Lord knows you and has the best planned for you.


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  2. Abba, Daddy, Father God, Your Word states that You go on before us to make the crooked places straight and the rough patches smooth. I bring this hubby to Your throne where he will be able to receive grace and mercy in his time of need of this employment. I pray You will do more than we could ask or imagine, in Jesus Christ’s Name I pray, amen amen amen♥

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