Nature at its finest 

I adore the location of my house because I get to loose myself in the wonderment of nature. There is nothing but open desert, mountains and wildlife behind my house. It is gorgeous! This morning I went outside to enjoy some power yoga, while my husband did yard work. The dogs followed along with me and stretched! 

Tonight I went out again to take in the beauty of the sunset and reflect on how far I have come this year in my journey against anxiety. I know I will continue to struggle with this my entire life, but in these quiet moments I remember that I have God on my side. He gives me strength and has blessed me with an incredible family and loyal friends who stand by me no matter what. 

Remember not to loose hope and press onward towards peace and contentment. You can do it! 


6 thoughts on “Nature at its finest 

  1. I too am surrounded by the beauty of nature. I feel so alive just being out in it. I feel so connected to all that is. I am so happy that you have nature and supportive family and friends to journey with. You may always have anxiety but you seem to manage it well.

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