Don’t loose hope

I have written about my struggles with the end of a school year previously, but I feel the need to share my experiences with you all again. I experience a lot of anxiety when my teachinf position is shuffled around. I have been teaching for four years and I have never once had the same classroom or schedule. It is stressful because special Ed has to be flexible around all the other schedules and they are always being shuffled. Clearly, I am stressed at this moment! 

I may have no idea how next year is going to turn out, but I do now that whatever happens will turn out for the best. This is what I have learned throughout my struggle with anxiety. Even though I feel hopeless, that doesn’t mean I will always feel that way. It will all pass. We have to cross into night to reach the day. 

This is what I continue to remind myself as I fight to win the battle against anxiety! 

13 thoughts on “Don’t loose hope

  1. It’s been almost a year since I quit my job due to how much anxiety I was having over it. I was also shuffled around alot and that caused most of my anxiety. Looking back on it now, I think if I had just tried to be more flexible, things would have worked out better. Maybe. Thanks for this reminder to keep going with the flow. šŸ™‚

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  2. Change is a huge anxiety trigger for me so I really feel for you. But it sounds like you have a good positive attitude. My Mother used to say “If worrying solves the problem then worry all you want, but in my experience it only makes it worse”. Hugs and prayers for you as you keep on the the positive side.

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  3. I experience a lot of anxiety with change as well. Right now I’m preparing to transition back to going home after being away for most of year at college. And I’m really nervous about how that’s going to go, and I’m even more nervous about whether or not I’m going to return, because my anxiety and depression have been such this year that it was negatively effecting me grades. I just have to say that I’m glad I saw your post today, and that you have an upbeat attitude about it. ^.^ I really needed to see something like this. Wishing you all the best. xx

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  4. Good advice! I’m sorry you’re feeling so anxious. While it is hard to remember that at the moment you are feeling stressed, you are right. Feelings of anxiety will pass and we can get through this if we work hard!


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