It’s ok to feel your emotions

I think a lot of us think we have to hide our emotions from everyone around us. To the point that we bottle it all up to bursting! But you know what? It’s ok to let it out. It’s ok to feel your emotions. 

Today I had a rough day and I finally allowed myself to accept how I was feeling so I could move past it. Letting out the feelings allows us to free up our minds so it can be filled with positivity. 

We cannot stop feeling emotions so we must learn how to express them in a positive and constructive way. We cannot let them control us and fill our lives with negativity! Reach out and find a friend to vent to, and move forward. We can all live positive lives! 

10 thoughts on “It’s ok to feel your emotions

  1. I feel like I’m always judged for having emotions, for feeling the way I actually do and Ive come to a point where I no longer share anything with anyone because I know I would get “Why are you being dramatic?” “Isnt that childish of you.”

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  2. I agree! We should feel free to express our emotions in a positive way instead of letting them make us feel horrible. For example, if someone is mean to us due to our anxiety, we shouldn’t hold in that we feel upset, but we should remind ourselves of our success!

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  3. I had a conversation this week with a client who was unable to accept or even recognise his anger, he found it so unacceptable. Emotions are neither positive or negative, in my view. They just ARE. Bottling them up or denying their very existence dams the energy flow until, eventually, they will overflow in one way or another! My aim is to ride the wave as it arises (but not to punch anybody, if at all possible…).

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  4. I know this is an old post, i stumbled across it. I must say i resonated with this recently. I often find myself bottling up my emotions until the breaking point where i have a meltdown. I’ve learned to express them as they come.. Thanks for this post, you are right we shouldn’t bottle this stuff up! 🙂

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