i have really enjoyed exploring my new found hobby: painting! I had my second painting lesson today and I had a fantastic time! I am really learning a lot about colors and how they mix together. 

The best part about it is that while I’m lost in my artwork, I forget about everything! No anxiety, no stress and no obsessive thoughts! It is such a relief to find such a natural remedy to anxiety! Creativity heals! What an amazing concept! I can’t wait to learn more and find out what I can do! 


21 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Love your use of colour – they really sing out! I totally agree with you. Anything that cuts through the rumination is really helpful in easing anxiety – although that should probably be “anything positive” as some distractions can end up being problems in themselves! Looking forward to see more of your beautiful work.

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  2. I’m happy you found something you like to do! Healthy hobbies are a great way to get through anxiety. I’ve found that writing, reading, and working on puzzles are a great way to concentrate on that hobby instead of anxiety! Both of your paintings are really nice, especially the second one!

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  3. YESS! Creativity is the best medicine! I was talking to a dear friend today and she asked me for some advice for a church grad banquet meal – the theme of the night is Paris! I immediately perked up – my culinary training is in French cuisine! I am happily making menu suggestions! I love your pictures – the colours are bright and well thought out. I look forward to more of your work!

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