What happened to the Passion?

I found it sad today when I student told me that he didn’t need to learn anymore because he had already taken the test he needed to take. What message are we sending our kids by testing them so often? How are we providing them with the knowledge to help them become well rounded adults if our curriculum is only geared at what might appear on a state test? It is heartbreaking to think how these students, who I care about as if they were my own, are missing the point of learning. Learning is not something to be gained only so to pass a test! Learning is about feeding our deepest human yearning and following the path our curiosity sets before us. I hope that we teachers can find a way to fix this broken system and bring passion back to our classrooms.

16 thoughts on “What happened to the Passion?

  1. the kids at my school took the smarter balanced testing last week. It was absolutely heartbreaking. All the fourth graders had the exact same problems which asked them to read lengthy articles with source material, write essays on the spot with no diagrams or tools, and complete questions on fractions when they haven’t even studied them yet! and the ELL students and the special ed students have to take the same test, no scaffolding, no starting off easy and then getting harder. They had the exact same questions. And so, now that we got through it, but we were only the first week of tests, we have to go through 2 more weeks of a messed up schedules so the 3rd and 5th graders can take their smarter balanced tests.

    You wouldn’t believe how many children seemed depressed last week. And the child I work with was having daily tempter tantrums because he can’t do the work but we can spoon feed him the answers.

    He ended up just giving up and leaving a lot of the answers blank or just guessing.

    What kind of morale are we teaching our kids? what kind of system makes a student who’s already having a hard time and has a one on one and is not a native speaker of english take a test that’s designed for TYPICALLY DEVELOPED 4th GRADERS. Not to mention, more than HALF of the kids in our classroom have needs. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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  2. It’s true, too much emphasis placed on the end result being a mark, instead of the knowledge gained. I love learning but have little respect for the pieces of paper we give out to supposedly represent that.

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