The world is bigger than your anxiety

Even though I have a little anxiety today, I am trying to realize that the world is bigger than I am. Beauty is still taking place right in front of me, and if I spend my time locked away because of my fears, I will miss out. Remember this: don’t miss out on the beauty of life just because you’re afraid. Enjoy your life in spite of anxiety. 
I am enjoying the view from my front porch!   

38 thoughts on “The world is bigger than your anxiety

  1. Nice! I deal with anxiety as well and I can relate to the good-day bad-day attached to anxiety disorders. Some days we win and have victory over it all and others are just a little more rough for whatever reason. I love this reminder that the world (and you) are bigger than anxiety. Sometimes that’s all I need to hear.


  2. ONly when we learn that our anxiety doesn’t CHANGE what we fear or make it go away will we see the need to stop allowing it to rule our lives.

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  3. In other words FEAR doesn’t change the situation actions do. Once we learn that all the fear in the world won’t change the situation will we not need to feel it anymore.

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  5. Thank you for the encouragement regarding anxiety – I need periodic/daily reminders!
    Thank you, also, for stopping by Mocha Muse and liking my newspaper article on “anxiety.” It is a powerful demon to wrestle with. I’m relieved to know that I’m in such good company!
    I’ll be back to read more . . . jayni

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  6. Hi Platypus,
    Seriousness is the disease. Did you hear about Tiger Woods in Ireland? Getting out of his new Mercedes sports car at the gas station, two tees fell out of his breast pocket. The station attendant asked what they were used for. Tiger responded, “They are to hold my balls in place when driving.” The attendant shook his head. “Damn,” he said, ” Mercedes thinks of everything these days.”

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