Riding into the sunset

It feels so good to be able to finally feel at peace, without the constant load of anxiety weighing on my shoulders. At this time last year, even a simple walk around around the block gave me anxiety. Fast forward a year later and I am full of life and peace again! This evening my husband and I went out on the road to just drive around with no destination in mind! We just set off and blasted the Footloose soundtrack! It was fantastic! It feels wonderful to experience peace in simple moments.

If you are struggling with your anxiety remember that it will not last forever. Reach out to those around you and do not be ashamed that something is wrong. We have been there, and it is ok. Don’t loose hope. 


9 thoughts on “Riding into the sunset

  1. I had cptsd for most of my life and what I felt was so intense that I couldn’t even identify it as anxiety. To me, anxiety meant worry and I wasn’t worried, I was terrified, scared as hell! It has taken a lot of work but I’m no longer terrified and most of that it because I understand now, why I felt the way I did. I wasn’t crazy, I was deeply wounded. Healing those wounds helped me get past the terror of my past being repeated in my future.

    I don’t know why you suffer from anxiety but I’m glad you are finding some relief and I know from experience that ‘hope’ is a major part of the cure.

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  2. I love this! I’m so happy you came by my blog, and I’m so glad to have found yours as well. Anxiety is a monster sometimes. I’m so glad for your uplifting and hopeful messages. I’ve taken a leap into the therapy boat very recently and hoping to achieve a similar sense of peace soon. Maybe this time next year I’ll be writing something very similar to this entry! Thanks for putting this out there. πŸ™‚

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