You are not Alone

If you are someone who has a mental disorder, like myself, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Over this past year, I have been learning that more people  have been experiencing the same thing I have than I ever imagined! It is sad to think we have all kept silent because we are afraid that we will be ridiculed. Many of us have suffered years in silence and have been too timid to tell those around us what is really going on.

You are not alone! Reach out. Tell a friend. Write a blog. Whatever medium you feel most comfortable express your feelings and struggles because people will reach out and be there for you. You do not have to struggle alone.


13 thoughts on “You are not Alone

  1. So many people suffer in silence because they are ashamed of their feelings. It’s great that you have shared so honestly and openly and, in this way, encouraged other people to own their stuff, too.


  2. I think the deadliest mental disorder is denial and it is oh, so common. Everyone has issues to work on. All of us can get our chemistry out of whack or develop unhealthy ways of thinking and coping with life. No, you aren’t alone. You are an imperfect human being, like the rest of us.


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