Sleep snob!

The redeye flight my husband and I went on tonight (or morning now) wasn’t too terrible. However it was difficult to sleep! I wiggled back and fourth, and back and forth! I couldn’t find a comfortable position and I kept getting hot! LOL! I have learned that I am a “sleep snob”!
Here is my husband as he woke up as we landed! I had fun waking him up! 


6 thoughts on “Sleep snob!

  1. WHAT?! You couldn’t get comfortable in 12 square inches of seat space?!? haha

    Luckily for you, on that side of the country, you can get Dunkin Donuts! (Not sure where in OH you are but I am anti-Starbucks. I know CLE has a Dunkin, or did when I was last there….I miss Dunkin here in the midwest!)

    Have a great trip!

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  2. I wasn’t able to sleep anywhere or place until at night in my bed. The first time I was able to do this was when i went to college. the first christmas break we had when I was in college, I was at my parents house one after noon and took a nap. It had never happened before and my mom was scared there was a gas leak in the house. πŸ˜€

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